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We Provide

  • Maths, Science and English including reading
  • In-centre (group & one-to-one) and online (one-to-one) tuition
  • Key Stages 1 & 2 – Literacy and numeracy support
  • Key Stage 2- Preparation for SATs
  • 11+ preparation
  • Secondary school transition

At SET we specialise in providing Tuition for 5-12 year olds in Maths, Science and English including reading. Our tuition is based on the UK National Curriculum so it really supports children in their school work. We know it works because parents tell us that both they and their child’s teacher notice a definite improvement.  More importantly, we hear how children who attend SET develop a real sense of achievement. As a result, they are more motivated in their school work and gain greater confidence generally.

We believe if children have a solid understanding of Maths, English and reading at primary age, it will be of significant benefit to them for rest of their lives. Without this solid grasp, they are likely to struggle at school, fail to reach their full potential and limit their job prospects.



At school it’s difficult for teachers to give children as much individual attention as they might need. Yet one-to-one tuition can be a bit stressful and intimidating. At SET we offer individual tuition of Maths, Science and English in a group setting that is an ideal environment in which children can learn and improve. We make sure each child can read unaided – they will also join our library scheme and are able to borrow books on a regular basis.

Each child is professionally assessed when they first join SET – this assessment is currently FREE of charge.

They are then given a individual learning programme that suits their individual ability and their progress is monitored to ensure they progress at a rate that’s right for them. We’ve developed our own numeracy and literacy programmes for 5-12 year olds. Based on Key Stage 2, the programmes are packed full of Maths and English exercises for the children to practise until they are ready to move up a level.

We also supplement our original Maths and English programmes with material from reputable publishing houses. As a result, we offer the most comprehensive and successful after-school tuition service for 5-12 year olds in the area.



We will create a WhatsApp group (to include student, parent and teacher) as soon as you register, which will be used to keep all parties updated after each and every lesson.

We set children homework after every class and review it all by the end of the next class.

We encourage parents to give their children as much guidance with homework as they are able to, encouraging careful completion of all tasks and paying particular attention to the quality of the work.